Covid-19 Business Media Tips

Covid-19 Business Media Tips

Many small businesses that don’t have the support of media management are struggling to connect with their customers/audience during this pandemic. And yet what you say and how you say it could mean the difference in business staying afloat or going under.

Virtual Lyfe would like to share a few tips.

  • Let customers know you are open and during what hours.
  • An old but true method of connection. Share your work. Take pics of orders being taken, food being made deliveries being picked up, etc. and share, share, share.
  • Share any State updates that affect your business and how your business is working with the updates. (Don’t share just any news make sure it’s from a single trusted source to keep confusion down. )
  • Share messages of customer appreciation, and general motivation.
  • Let clients know who they are supporting. family pics, events, etc. How are you and your business a thread of the local community?
  • Ask customers for their help. Put a slip in bags asking customers to share your page or tag you in a post on how they like the day’s service or purchase. This will help to keep your buzz going.
  • Share messages of reassurance. Let them know you are there for them. Many things are changing daily and your business may one more thing that’s normal for your locals to hang on to.
  • Last but not least post often and be consistent. Aim for clarity and compassion not sales. Your tone will be remembered long after this passes.

Let me know if we can help!

Many of these suggestions will carry you now and after this pandemic passes as great social media practice. If you haven’t invested in media assistance before now, and you see the importance to reach your customers, please don’t hesitate to reach out. Virtual Lyfe is offering  50% OFF to any small business not affiliated with a chain. Email me directly 


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