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Have you seen the new Facebook business feed option?

If you go to your business page scroll down a bit and look on the right-hand side you’ll see an option that reads “See page feed” (Post from pages you’ve liked as your page.)

Wow right! Until this came along there was no real way to separate your business scrolling from your personal scrolling. Facebook feeds in the past were all lumped into one space. But now with this option business owners, and leaders can toggle smoothly between daily gossip /entertainment and work-related news. You can have your “girl did you know” and your “professional reads” all in one space.

The questions I’ve not seen answers to yet are;

  1. Are business owners and leaders actively using this option?
  2. If they are using it what are the pros and cons?
  3. Will this make Facebook a more aggressive competitor of Linkedin?

I”ve just started using it myself so I’ll be looking for ways to measure the questions above and see what answers float to the top.

Heres the one thing I do know for sure!

This new option has a potentially HUGE impact on the small and or start-up business. Specifically, those who are in the business to business market. Why? In the brick and mortar world if you lack a professional appearance you are looked over very quickly. However, in the online world to create a professional appearance is an easy task with either the right know-how or a small investment.  This means professionals who are using this feature to follow others will pick up on goods and services more quickly and only those who have the look and feel will rise to the top. If you have the know-how or are willing to make the investment you are positioning yourself for success.

My suggestions for this feature.

A.) Make sure your business page is complete and updated

B.) Keep your content consistent and professional.

C.) Don’t be afraid to engage with other businesses as your business through the new feed options.

If you need more help figuring out how to like other businesses as your page, setting up or page completely and professionally or with social media management that will give that consistent look and feel, Don’t hesitate to reach out to me. I’m excited about the possibilities for small and start-up businesses with this new feature and I’m happy to help.

Email: jennipher@virtual-lyfe.com


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