Make The Cost Work For You!

Make The Cost Work For You!

I’m going to share a hard truth about web monitoring and maintenance. If you are paying for this service like it or not, you are not paying someone to spend countless hours on your account. Whew, there I said it. (Unless you have an online store or a site and require constant changes these do take hours of work and will cost more. But aside from a few specific cases the facts are most systems are user-friendly and you are paying your service provider for what they know more so than you are paying them for what they do. The user-friendly systems, thank goodness. Make it so that those with the skill and knowledge are able to navigate the systems in short amounts of time.  A monthly update “can” take less than an hour and in many cases less than 15min. Now, don’t get me wrong. It does take time, and knowledge to properly monitor and maintain a site but that being said if you are one who holds your pockets unless you see someone dripping sweat on your behalf I’m just not sure what to tell you.

So where is the real value?

The real value and impact are to follow up on your site a with social sharing package , and or social media management. This task does involve investing a bit more money than just the monitoring and maintenance package. But it also takes a bit more time, knowledge and strategy. It takes getting to know the business and the client. It takes a few months of trial and error and must be consistent to have a good effect. That good effect being your social presence gives you a good ROI=Return On Investment. Branded templates, message crafting, SEO, timing, and so much more go into social media no matter how it’s approached. If you retain this service you should always opt for 90 days at a time, no contract,  and review quarterly to see how things are going. The goals are awareness and engagement.

What difference does this make?

The difference between your website and social sharing is huge. Social sharing keeps you relevant and present in front of your current audience potential newcomers, without you yourself taking the time to craft, plan and execute social media every day. You if are busy doing the work of your business I’m guessing the media side isn’t where your time is best spent. The difference is the most elite web site means nothing if something isn’t driving people to see it. Your media should be a huge playmaker in driving people to your site. In our day an age media is like the yellow pages. Potential clients are about 95% more likely to check your media for credibility “before” they come to your site. So keeping social sharing up to date and professional is a priority. It’s like a vacant home vs one with the lights on.

Cost Comparison

Most companies Virtual Lyfe included start out with site monitoring and maintenance at around $50 per month and up depending on needs. Most services Virtual Lyfe included start out social sharing packages at about $100 per month and up depending on needs. This can be huge for a small business or start-up because it means for as little as an extra $50 you can potentially have a service handling your media at least one post a day on any media platform and build from there.

The Wrap Up

Hopefully, this article gave you insight into differences in service. If you have questions we have answers! Please don’t ever hesitate to contact us. And of course, if you would like to inquire about services we are here when you are ready!

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