Website Design

Creation of both permanent sites and splash pages.

* Both plash Pages & permanent sites are created with GoDaddy Hosting/Wordpress. Using unique WordPress themes/ templates to match your desired colors and design ideas.

* Websites are completed in 2 business weeks to 30 business days. Splash pages are completed in 1 business week to 30 business days.

* Service includes your domain name that’s your www. address and a free e-mail professional address. For sites or pages that will be ongoing the 1st month of hosting and maintenance is free. After 30 days there is a monthly maintenance and hosting fee.

* All site content is to be provided by the purchaser

* Cost is based on the number of pages needed and the complexity of page needs. Pricing starts at $75 per page and upkeep starts at $50 per month Click Here To Request A Quote Today